The Issues You Care About

Our Taxes:
I am opposed to any new broad-based taxes. Wolfeboro's families deserve to keep their hard-earned cash. I trust you to spend and invest your own earnings, not the government. A Sales Tax would only hurt our local businesses and raise the cost of living for families in Wolfeboro. An Income Tax would be equally devastating. We must protect the New Hampshire Advantage. We can promote the welfare of all people without destroying the advantage we all share.    
Our Budgets:
I vow to be fiscally responsible and to stand up for Wolfeboro's taxpayers. That means I will only vote for balanced state and county budgets. We cannot afford to run up deficits, create government debt, and borrow from our future. Our budgets should not down-shift costs onto property taxpayers or local governments. We need to ensure more tax dollars stay local. Our state's leaders need to produce responsible budgets, and Wolfeboro needs a public servant who will hold the line on this issue.
The Opioid Epidemic:
The Opioid Epidemic is still a major issue in New Hampshire. I support increasing resources to our first responders and helping them to fight this epidemic. We also need to increase funding for our mental health and addiction programs. I will work with Democrats and Republicans to continue solving this critical issue.
Improving Our Infrastructure:
Our economy needs reliable infrastructure to connect supply chains and efficiently move our goods and services. We need well-built roads, highways, and bridges to promote economic development. Having great infrastructure helps create good-paying jobs. I will always advocate for Wolfeboro and New Hampshire to have the best infrastructure. New Hampshire's economy can continue developing and growing with a strong infrastructure backed by steady public investment,
Local Control of Your Government:
Both Democrats and Republicans in Concord claim they want more local control over public policy. However, they only say this when it is politically expedient. At the same time, both parties will regularly strip our communities of local control over pertinent issues. This is unacceptable. Local governments and boards know what is best for their communities, not Concord politicians. I promise to never vote for legislation that will undermine our local boards and government and to always try--within reason--to promote local control of public policy. 
Your Healthcare:
I support New Hampshire's recently expanded Medicaid program, Granite Advantage. We should always promote affordable healthcare that puts patients and families first and protects those with pre-existing conditions. I also support a Medicaid work requirement, lowering prescription drug prices, and increasing mental healthcare funding. These resources are essential to keeping our elderly and disabled citizens healthy, and it helps us combat the Opioid Crisis.
Your Child's Education:
I am a proud supporter of public education and school choice. I believe both can coexist without one hurting the other. Your child's education is not and should never be a zero-sum game. I am very willing to support a comprehensive school choice program because not all children learn the same way. As long as the proposed program does not decrease per-pupil funding, I believe it is a win for everyone. I support increasing funding for vocational programs and community colleges, too. This will help make secondary education more affordable and help workers gain meaningful training for their future. I will always support our schools and help prepare individuals for the future. We must also promote local control of education. I trust our school board more than Concord bureaucrats. Wolfeboro's families and elected representatives on the Governor Wentworth Regional School Board know what is best for Wolfeboro's students.  
The Second Amendment:
I will never vote to limit a Granite Stater's Second Amendment rights. I strongly believe everyone deserves the right to protect themselves, their family, and their property. Wolfeboro's gun owners are safe and responsible. I will work hard to defend gun owners' rights in Concord.
Cutting Your Taxes:
I believe our government should be small, efficient, and effective, and it should not take more money from taxpayers than it needs. Our state has been running large budget surpluses in recent years. Because of this, I believe Granite Staters have earned a well-deserved tax cut. We should also consider cutting taxes to help those who are financially struggling because of the pandemic. Many of us pay taxes directly or indirectly; sometimes, we do not even notice when we pay taxes. Here are some of the taxes we can consider cutting to promote our financial well-being here in Wolfeboro: Interest and Dividends Tax, Electrical Consumption Tax, Communication Services Tax, Insurance Tax, Business Profits Tax, Business Enterprise Tax, and the Meals and Rooms Tax. We obviously cannot cut all these taxes, but we must consider which ones are the least necessary for our government to function and responsibly lower or repeal them.
Our Elections:
I will always support election integrity. This means I will always support voter ID laws and transparency. However, I also support the Granite State's rich tradition of free and fair elections. We need to increase access to voter IDs for US citizens and NH residents. We need to ensure that people who need an absentee ballot, like the elderly, disabled, or those with religious observations, continue to have access; however, everyone must prove their identity before they vote. We can have both election integrity and improve access to voting. These issues are not mutually exclusive, and both are necessary to restore the public's faith in our elections. 
Paid Family Leave:
I support our state in establishing a paid family leave program, but only if it is voluntary and does not include an income or sales tax. I strongly supported Governor Sununu's Twin State Voluntary Leave Plan and his proposed plan in the 2021-2022 Biennium Budget. I would not vote for any family leave plan that would increase taxes, hurt local businesses, or jeopardize balancing our state's budget.
Our Environment:
I support common-sense environmental protections because being conservative means conserving our natural resources and conserving our environment. We must protect our freshwater ways and promote clean air throughout the Granite State, especially in Wolfeboro. New Hampshire needs to incentivize environmentally-friendly forms of energy by utilizing our free-market economy, providing tax credits, and investing in our infrastructure. This means fewer government regulations and more economic freedom for our renewable energy companies. Supporting these companies will help create cleaner and more affordable energy. The promotion of renewable energies allows us to create good-paying jobs, protect our environment, and preserve our tourism industry. These things are all vital to Wolfeboro and New Hampshire.
Supporting Our Veterans:
The most important responsibility any citizen can ever assume is to defend their country. Veterans have put their lives on the line to protect our country, our lives, and our freedoms. The least we can do is honor their service and help give back to them and their families. I serve on the State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs Committee and I will always be a strong advocate for our veterans. Veterans who have served honorably deserve to be supported once they come home and retire. This is why we need to continue increasing veterans' mental health benefits and expand access to mental health services. We should prepare all veterans for civilian life and ensure they are emotionally supported throughout their lives. Supporting our veterans is something I will always do because it is the right thing to do.
Expanding Online and Video Gambling:
I support New Hampshire's recent expansions to online sports betting and charitable gaming. I also support further expansions to online gambling and establishing video gambling in New Hampshire. However, I believe towns should decide whether or not local establishments have video gambling. Expanding non-casino gambling is a great way to increase our state's education funds without raising taxes. Non-casino gambling would benefit Wolfeboro's residents because it would lead to lower property taxes and a better-funded education for children.
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